Emma Whyte creates sustainable, highly individual furniture and interiors and is passionate about reviving all things old or unloved.

Born and raised in Sussex in the 1970's, Emma gave up a career in journalism and photography to pursue her dreams; retraining in traditional crafts WHILST working as a roofer and builder's labourer in rural France. A random meeting with the love of her life in Burger King led her back to the UK where she established her business and family.

Her work features natural history books and mid century prints, often used as wall coverings or decoupage; she can usually be found deconstructing bird books. Her signature interiors and re-imagined furnishings are revitalised with optimistic images, bold patterns and lashings of colour. Her handmade wallpaper and furniture is lovingly finished with many layers of varnish and a beeswax polish she makes from her own bees.

Enthusiastically committed to sustainability, Whyte reuses and revives whatever she can. She is currently experimenting with running her car on vegetable oil and washing her hair with baking powder. "Messy" she says "but BP and L'Oreal don't know what's hit them."
Her lively and innovative approach to sustainable interior design have won her widespread media interest and acclaim. She is passionately positive about community led solutions to climate change and a firm believer in finding creative answers to the environmental problems facing us ALL today.