Tricks of the trade

Over the years lots of nice people have said lots of nice things about our place, so we thought we'd share some of the things we've done to make it a special place to stay.

1. Bring the outside in.

So, what makes your place great? The beach? The city? Mountains, wildlife, nightlife, proximity to the airport?! Whatever floats your boat, bring it on in. We get a lot of birds outside our window, gathering on the loch shore, hanging out in the garden or avoiding death by sparrowhawk. We love to watch them so we made a wall that features all the birds you can see from just sitting there and doing nothing for a bit.

2. Do it by distance.

You might not live very near your holiday hangout, and neither do we, but don't let that spoil your plans. We like to make a few measurements, order some samples and snap some pics before we leave. Then we'll draw up our plans, gather all the gear and put it together in one delicious hit when we're next up. Begad there's pleasure to be had in planning.

3. Make every room a good room.

Personally I am not a cooking fan, I'd rather be doing something with glue. But cook we must, and here in our holiday haven I rather enjoy myself because it's just so damn jolly in the kitchen. I even covered the wall mounted cooker switch with a shortbread tin.

4. Digital down time.

Much to the initial horror of my husband, I banned all screens and general digital paraphernalia from our place. Phew, what a relief. Now we can all enjoy a good read, cosy up on the sofa, listen to the radio, play a game, watch a movie (projected, big screen wise on the wall of the loft) or even, call me crazy, just talk.

5. Get picture perfect. 

To do justice to your perfectly presented pad there is no substitute for the snappy snap. We've been lucky enough to be approached by the professionals, but we still have one or two cunning plans up our sleeve to help anyone just getting started in the holiday home hooha. Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment of my self-catering saga and all will be revealed. Alternatively, if you can't wait till then, and I have been known to take several years to produce a blog post (sadly, I kid you not), you could just contact me and ask. Pip pip.

Emma Whyte